• Partial view of the installation
  • The unused and dilapidated tennis court
  • The overgrown roots and vines on the fence
  • Painting the roots on the fence
  • Painting the vines on the fence
  • Painted roots and vines against the museum wall
  • A small metal yellow ROOT sculpture on the cracked floor
  • assembling the parts of the steel ROOTS
  • A colorful metal ROOT sculpture along the width of the tennis court
  • A long metal yellow ROOT sculpture along the width of the tennis court
  • A small metal red ROOT sculpture on the broken floor
  • Partial view of the installation
  • Partial view of the installation
  • Partial view of the installation

When Nature Takes Over
The Kreeger Museum
Washington DC, 2011

Maybe because of my broken roots, melancholy, in all its aspects, has long been intertwined with my life, hence, with my artistic work.

When selected to create a site specific sculpture on the grounds of The Kreeger Museum, I was immediately drawn to the tennis court. Surrounded by five and one-half acres and an exquisite building, designed by architect Philip Johnson, the tennis court exemplified the Kreegers' former lifestyle until the Museum opened in 1994.   Throughout the years of non-use, the floor cracked, the poles for the net rusted, and the metal fence was slowly covered with roots and vines of Ivy, Wisteria and Honey Suckle.  The gardeners over time tried to get rid of those weeds but to no avail – they grew integrally into the fence and could not be separated.  This situation offered me the opportunity to take advantage of the "broken roots" before the tennis court is destined for demolition.

My intention is to give importance, with my installation, to these remnants of roots and vines that could not be removed, by painting them bright red and adding some painted steel "roots" sculptures.  I concentrated my attention on what there was and is no longer there – "When Nature Takes Over".

This installation is currently on view at The Kreeger Museum, for more information click here.

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